Home again.

I’m back now in sunny Crayford, which feels like the tropics compared to the Highlands!  I’ve had time to think about it all and I’m incredibly happy with how it all went.  No major difficulties – all that planning paid off. I saw some lovely places, met some interesting characters. I grudgingly come to the conclusion that people are indeed friendlier outside of London, or at least less reserved.

I had to do a few things I find difficult; asking questions – I hate to ask anyone anything! Eating alone in restaurants. Not getting lost, though I admit Google Maps saved the day many a time. Remaining calm when things went wrong.

At the risk of this sounding like an Oscars speech; a big thanks to all the bus drivers who made sure I got off their bus at the right stop, the driver in Birmingham, Doni in John O’Groats, the passenger in Willand who found out where I needed to go to catch the next bus. The driver I won’t name who told me to donate my fare. And a wave to my fellow Waterstoners in Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Inverness.

Especially big thanks to all of you who sponsored me, and who sent messages en route. I was never bored.

So, final numbers:

Buses taken: 31

Total cost of fares: £188

Money raised for Parkinson’s £438. It’s not too late if you’d like to donate though. My JustGiving page is here

Right, back to the real world now.


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