Day 9  Edinburgh to Inverness 

Goodbye to Edinburgh in the rain, off to Inverness.  Over the Forth Road Bridge towards Dundee. 

Pretty town of Newport on Tay

The bus arrived in Dundee right on schedule and I was able to slip seamlessly onto my next bus, like a bus ninja! 

The second bus of the day was headed for Aberdeen. My former boss is from there, so I probably passed her mum. I waved at everyone, just in case.  

Poor visibility due to the weather meant I wasn’t spending too much time gazing out of the window. I did notice a pretty town called Montrose. 

I had about 20 mins before my 3rd and final bus of the day, not enough time to explore Aberdeen but time for the loo and a trip to Gregg’s. 

The last bus was going to be the longest single journey of the trip, at just over 4 hours. When I asked the driver for a single to Inverness he looked at me a bit doubtfully; there are quicker ways to get there. So I told him that I was doing Land’s End to John O’Groats by bus, for Parkinson’s. He gave me my fare back, and said “Give that to your charity, just get on, don’t tell the boss!”  I was so touched!  My nose went all fizzy! What a kind thing to do. 

As we neared Inverness, the skies began to clear, resulting in some wonderful cloud formations.  

A rare glimpse at a cloud-manufacturing building in action

Inverness bus station loomed before us, and I was pleasantly surprised at how warm it was. I bought my daily postcard from a cockney guy in tartan and set off for my hostel. 

I was impressed with how pretty Inverness was, and also how busy.  Lots of bustling, lots of happy people. I decided to check out their arts centre, Eden Court. They’ve a couple of cinema screens there and a theatre.  When I came out of the cinema there was some live music going on in the bar area. They also hold community groups and classes there too. Impressed, I was.   Heading back to the hostel, I saw a couple of wedding parties. There was a black guy among them, wearing a kilt, a sporran, the works. It made me realise I hadn’t seen any of the legendary flame-haired Scots proclaiming ‘Och aye’, whilst eating haggis. Cor blimey, guv; next you’ll be telling me that sterotypes aren’t always true!

I got in at about 10.30 though it didn’t feel as late as that, it was so light. Off to bed, had an early start in the morning for my bus to John O’Groats. 


Edinburgh – Dundee – Aberdeen – Inverness Depart 7.45 Arrive 17.06


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