Day 7  Newcastle to Edinburgh 

Nice easy day today. Started with a jaunt round the shopping area of Newcastle to buy a postcard and some hay fever tablets. Checked out of the L’hotel de old Co-op and headed to the bus station.  A steamed up bus to rainy Berwick, then legged it to a different bus stop for the second and last bus of the day, and my last English bus of the trip. What a nice driver he was too. He let me on board even though it was early and he had to wander off to use the facilities. Not long after we set off, we crossed the border into Scotland.  Very excited, I was. I’m a bit ashamed that I’d never been before; I’ve lived in the UK for 37.5 of my 40 years and never made the journey. “Scotland is so far away!”, I’d say to fellow travellers, when I was backpacking round New Zealand…

I was pleased to notice that when talking to me, the bus driver had an English accent, but when Scottish passengers got on, he sounded more Scottish. ‘Yes’ became ‘Aye’.  I was happy about this because I’ve heard myself doing a similar thing if I talk to anyone with a strong accent. 

Arrived in Edinburgh around 3.30pm. It was still raining so when I got to my hostel I  stayed in a while and planned my next day’s activities. I booked a show for that evening though so wandered out and found a place for dinner.  Vegan chicken burger. I’m not vegan but why not try new things while you’re away?  

The show ‘The Wedding Singer’ was fun and the skies were clear on the walk back, so I stopped for a few photo ops. I looked forward to having a day off from travelling and exploring the city. 

Number of bagpipes heard: 0

Number of men in kilts spotted: 1

Newcastle – Berwick – Edinburgh Departed 10.20 Arrived 15.30


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