Day 3 Bristol

What a lovely city!  I started off with a walk around the harbourside, which was a mix of trendy eateries and historic sailing vessels.  We got a glimpse of the SS Great Britain which was at one point the biggest passenger steamship in the UNIVERSE! (Correct at time of writing.). You could go to Melbourne on that ship, in under 60 days. Qantas is quicker, nowadays.

The next morning we braved the inclement weather to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  The problem with a bridge that spans a gorge is that it’s very high up. This required a walk up a steep path, called the Zig Zag. Joanne managed this easily, I was puffing and panting and my thigh muscles were screaming!  I like to think it’s the age difference; we’re 4 months apart, you see.  Once up there, the views made it worthwhile. The fact that they have an advert for The Samaritans at each end is a sobering thought.

After a very lovely roast dinner in a pub, we meandered around the city with Joanne pointing out the sights. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

I look forward to returning one day, but for now, onwards and northwards.

This was part of a defunct hospital, now shops and soon to be flats. Felt a bit crypty.

On the Clifton Suspension Bridge
Part of the uni, where they hold their graduation ceremonies.
See the Gromit?
Old Granary
Obligatory Waterstones photo


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