Day 2 Torquay to Bristol

6.15 I got up today!  My body fought it but eventually my mind won it over.  Off to catch the first bus of the day, to Exeter. Just over the road from my bus stop was this stunning church, though the jury’s still out on whether it’s stunningly beautiful or ugly.

Torquay Central Church

My first stop today was Exeter (which has to be said in a Devonshire accent). It’s a lovely city, with lots of historical interest and a cathedral!  I could see none of this from the bus station, but there was a cafe which was all my stomach cared about.

Waterstones Exeter.  I knew it was there as my phone tried to connect itself to their wifi.

My next bus took me to Willand. It was the first destination that I’d never heard of before.  Got chatting to a guy at the bus stop, and it wasn’t creepy like it would be at home.  People chat here! I crossed the road to try to figure out which of the stops I needed, and shortly after he scooted across with the right information; he’d asked a couple who’d since joined him at his stop. Phew.

The world famous Willand Rovers FC

Next stop, Taunton. I had a while to spare, so I had a little look around. Another charming town with a prettier high street than most.

My next bus was to Wells. I was less than happy at the beginning of this journey. I had so been looking forward to my delicious looking muffin. What a disappointment.  It managed to be oily, yet dry and the promised lemony filling never materialised. I didn’t even finish it. Yup, me, not finishing a cake. However, the sun was shining, and we passed Duckingham Palace, a birdhouse at the back of a garden whereby a stream ran past.

This bus also passed through Glastonbury. I naïvely thought it was just a huge field. But no, there were shops, and streets and people!  Many of the shops sold crystals and incense. I’m all good for ceramic angels though, so I opted to stay on the bus to Wells.

My final bus of the day took me to Bristol bus station. I was especially excited about this because I knew my friend Joanne would be waiting for me. We’ve been friends for 25 years but rarely see each other. So excited was I that I barely took note of the excellently named ‘Chewton Mendip’. I can see the tacky t-shirts now; “Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls go to Chewton Mendip”. Or maybe not.

I’d never been to Bristol before, and as we made our way through the outskirts to the bus station I was pleased to see a mix of old and new.  I was looking forward to having a day to explore it, with my lovely friend.

Torquay – Exeter – Willand – Taunton – Wells – Bristol Started at 7.20, arrived at 15.00



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