Day 1 Land’s End to Torquay

Well, I made the first day, even arriving on schedule!  I found the whole thing surprisingly tiring. Sitting on your bum all day really takes it out of you.

I had to step out of my comfort zone, which is roughly the size of an ant’s bottom hole, several times. I had to ASK people things. If you know me, you’ll know I’m not an asker. I missed a connection in Truro because of roadworks and had to reroute. (I initially thought “I’ll just wait for the next one”, but they only run every 3 hours; Toto, we’re not in London anymore)

Waterstones Truro  – I feel compelled to take note of any fellow Waterstones I see on my travels  

The weather was mainly rainy so I didn’t get many views but my reroute did mean I got to see a steam train at Bodmin Parkway.  I also saw a very sweary, angry, crying lady there. I gave her my tissues.

The Tornado 

There were plenty of signs around in Cornish. I think it must be related to Welsh, looked similarly unintelligible to me. In my opinion it’s great that they’re promoting the language, but I’m a nerd. The wheels on the buses still go round and round but the bells on the buses make a gentle multi-note tinkling sound, not the abrupt ting I’m used to.



Did I see the best of Torquay?  Probably not.  It was past 8pm when I got there, so once I’d found somewhere to eat; a very good fish & chip restaurant, it was late and Torquay appeared to be full of rowdy stag and hens. No matter.  I was tired but happy.  Bristol is my next destination.

Torquay Central Church – my view from the bus stop this morning.

For those that are interested my route was:

Land’s End – St. Ives – Truro – Mount Folly –   Bodmin Parkway – Plymouth – Torquay. Left Land’s End at 9.46, arrived Torquay at 20.10.




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