Land’s End

Update: Now with photos!


I’ve had a very lovely day today, despite having to get up at 6am. (I’m a night owl, not an early bird)  When I got to Paddington Station, the turnstile for the toilets were not working so entrance was free!  What a joy it is to save 30p, especially if you’re not sure that you actually need to go…

I love getting the train out of London, watching the landscape change from concrete and busyness to space and calm.  Some of the countryside is truly beautiful.  I fail to appreciate our own fair land sometimes.


Although my trip proper starts tomorrow, I got my first bus of the adventure today.  The bus ride from Penzance to Land’s End couldn’t be more different than my regular Crayford to Bluewater route.  I rarely see a tractor, I saw many today.  None of the roads on my regular commute make me think of Greendale, Postman Pat’s route.  To be fair though, my commute never smells like manure, but it was a small price to pay…


Land’s End itself is like a very unambitious Chessington.  There are no rollercoasters, but various attractions and a number of gift shops selling the usual tourist fair.  That’s not a critcism, I’m a sucker for a fridge magnet.  Once you pass through Land’s End World though, it’s a beautiful place.  I did a little bit of the coastal path to Sennen and was reminded how much I love our rugged coastline.  I’d heard that you now have to pay to have your photo taken at the famous Land’s End signpost and indeed, when I first arrived, there was a photographer there next to the sign, which would be customised to each family’s name.  After my walk though, he’d cleared off for the night taking the arms of the pole with him, it seems.  There was another, less fancypants sign just next to it, so I had my photo taken with that by a kind family.

Well, the evening is drawing in now, so please excuse me while I go and watch the hopefully-gorgeous sunset; no pressure there, sun.


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