Charity and cheeses.

I emailed the boss of my company, the Managing Director, asking him to donate to my LEJOG page for Parkinson’s UK. I am no-one important to him; he has registered my existence because I almost bumped into him in a corridor once, but he doesn’t know who I am.  If he is the big cheese, I’m approximately half a Mini-Babybel.  However, he donated a generous amount, and I am thrilled. Thrilled that I plucked up the courage to ask (even via email), thrilled that he donated, and also thrilled that he didn’t sack me. This may be in part due to the fact that I typed “PS Please don’t sack me” at the end of my email, but, whatever.

The lesson is, don’t be afraid to ask, you might get help from unlikely places…and on that note, if you can spare any pennies,  you can follow this link to my JustGiving page.

Thank you!


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